Yes, I rewatched some BoJack. Yes, I am going to be okay. Diane also knows that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd, if anyone was wondering.
And Live From New York, it was bound to happen.
It's been twelve years since House of Anubis aired on Nickelodeon, and yes, I rewatched it just to write this.
On Moon Knight, Thanos' brother up to his old tricks, and some life curveballs.
On Top Gun: Maverick, movies about islands, and the long-awaited return of everyone's favourite Jon Bernthal-adjacent newsletter.
It's that time again, lads.
90210 and the lost American art of product placement.
On Ben Affleck working the Dunkin Donuts Drive-Thru, where a Zack Fox rabbit hole led me to, and watching new-ish Indonesian movies out of homesickness.
Not-so-breaking news straight from the SAG carpet.
On Crushes, Bridgers-Mescal news, Andor, and my first Vancouver celebrity sighting.
On the return of Love Island, Uma Thurman in the Lightning Thief, and the first recorded sighting of this year's second-place celebrity couple.
on femcelcore memes, manny jacinto (again), Pleasure (the film), and more.