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Hyperfixate is a weekly newsletter from Ariane Anindita, or Ariane Anantaputri, depending on how you’ve come to know me.

Published every Thursday, Hyperfixate chronicles whatever is plaguing my brain and/or Twitter feed: everything from the beach resort Pedro Pascal has built inside my head, or how embarrassed I am that I willingly consume what Martin Scorcese refers to as “amusement park ride movies”.

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Who is Ariane, Anyway?

What a loaded question!

I’m a writer, stand-up comedian, musician, and filmmaker from Jakarta, Indonesia that’s looking to define myself outside of the things I do. Having spent most of my time in London, United Kingdom, I’ve developed a penchant for spelling things with the letter ‘u’ in them (i.e. colour, and honour, etc.)

I’ve performed on the London comedy circuit for three years, worked on projects for VICE Asia Pacific, and have been published in places like Magdalene, Screen Queens, and Widget Magazine.

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Ariane Anindita
Writer-comedian Ariane Anindita writes a newsletter almost every week here on Substack. She is currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is sometimes between London, United Kingdom and Jakarta, Indonesia.