On being back in London, missing my granddads, and as expected, Jon Bernthal.
Grapefruits, a lie detector test, The Fate of the FUR10US, and apathy.
The efficacy of the Pedro Pascalification vaccine, and the cast of Triple Frontier (2019) doing too much.
On Moon Knight, Thanos' brother up to his old tricks, and some life curveballs.
Radio Fixate - Vol. 1Listen now (26 min) | Shaking things up a little! Hyperfixate's audio companion featuring gaps in knowledge, things read or listened to, and feelings…
On my cat giving birth, more Moon Knight shenanigans, and a new venture from the makers (me) of Hyperfixate.
On being online for a while, The Batman, a couple of birthday boys, and so on.
On the oppa-fication of Robert Pattinson, which I am obsessed with.
Not-so-breaking news straight from the SAG carpet.
I do believe Lorne Michaels is pandering to me, and it's working.
Another episode of Community I'm obsessed with, and some stuff about Teen Wolf.
RHOT (Real Housewives of Tatooine) finale, awards-ish, Pattinson for GQ, and more.