On my mum watching The Accountant (2016) for the first time, and yet another joke from a different sitcom that I can't get out of my head.
On turning 23, and a very early morning at the Toronto International Film Festival from the comfort of my bedroom.
On my favourite Michael K. Williams moment in Community, Venice's Menace, and some other occurrences.
On Timothy Olyphant's Emmy nomination and the mortifying embarrassment of existence, Only Murders in the Building, and a cute Dani Rojas moment.
On the 30 Rock line I've had stuck in my head for nine years and Virgo season.
For Glenn, forever ago, the TWD Season 11 premiere, and rewatching NBC's Heroes with my mum.
On Triple Frontier's Spiritual Relatives, the Gossip Girl reboot, and the Gyllenhaal Stinky Allegations.
On creepy chain emails I got in the fourth grade, and starting to unpack what came with them.
On LeAnn Rimes' contributions to Coyote Ugly, Hilarie Burton Morgan's memoir, the Vine app in Zola, and of course, Dune.
On Space Jam: A New Legacy, my bizarre and prolonged fixation with The Walking Dead, Black Widow, and Elvira Lind's husband breaking the internet once …
What it says on the tin and a little note from little ole me.
On 20 Years of Bratz, being jealous of The Weeknd, new season teaser trailers, Love Island concerns, and peepaws going for a walk.