And Live From New York, it was bound to happen.

January 2023

On my latest reality TV obsession and how franchising across the Atlantic can go wrong.
On Ben Affleck working the Dunkin Donuts Drive-Thru, where a Zack Fox rabbit hole led me to, and watching new-ish Indonesian movies out of homesickness.
It's been twelve years since House of Anubis aired on Nickelodeon, and yes, I rewatched it just to write this.

December 2022

Lads, we can now CHAT with each other. Isn't that mad?
It's that time again, lads.
90210 and the lost American art of product placement.
EMERGENCY NEWSLETTER: The Barbie teaser trailer has arrived.
Yes, I rewatched some BoJack. Yes, I am going to be okay. Diane also knows that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd, if anyone was wondering.

November 2022

I know Katy Perry is a Republican but what she said on American Idol is really relevant right now, for wig reasons.
On Crushes, Bridgers-Mescal news, Andor, and my first Vancouver celebrity sighting.

October 2022

On rewatching a Weird Al video, the new Taylor Swift album, Lydia Tár, Star Wars TV, and more.