Mar 23, 2022 • 26M

Radio Fixate - Vol. 1

Shaking things up a little! Hyperfixate's audio companion featuring gaps in knowledge, things read or listened to, and feelings about doing things.

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Writer-comedian Ariane Anindita takes you through whatever pop culture artefact, hot celebrity, or meditations on media has hijacked her brain every other Wednesday. Shaking things up a little, more of an experiment than a podcast.
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in my whatever this is era

What’s that? Audio? That you can play? In your Inbox? Or the Substack App? This is the first-ever episode of something I’m calling Radio Fixate: an audio companion to everyone’s favourite middling newsletter on pop culture and media consumption! We’re mixing it up a little as Hyperfixate transitions into an every-other-Wednesday newsletter instead of an every Wednesday newsletter. Classic Ari! Dialing it back by doing too much! Anyway, I’ve missed doing podcast-y bits. Hope you enjoy it.

Radio Fixate Vol. 1:

Small promo tidbit: I was on Is Paul Dano OK? last week to talk about Christopher Peditto’s Light and the Sufferer, a film where Paul Dano does euphoria in Josh Safdie’s New York. I had a brilliant time. And no, Paul Dano was not okay in that film. He offered a crackpipe to a CGI sphinx! Thank you to Daryl and Matt for having me on :)

Have a lovely rest of the week! Let me know what you think of this!

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